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Map Visualization of UCM Locations
October 21, 2014 · Refreshed 4 months ago
Locations generated with crowdsourcing GPS app with students in COGS 127


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select * from rdale.ucm_map limit 500
select * from rdale.ucm_map limit 500;
<script src="//"></script> <link rel="stylesheet" href="//"> <center><div id="mapcontainer" style="background:url(;height:537px;width:873px;"> <svg id="svg"></svg> </div></center> <script> topL = [37.370254, -120.434185]; // top-left GPS coordinates of map image botR = [37.361164, -120.415474]; // bottom-right GPS coordinates of map image iWd = botR[1]-topL[1]; // The width of the image in coordinates iHt = botR[0]-topL[0]; // The height ht = 537; // the size of the UCM map image wt = 873; function imgCoords(lt,lng) { // this maps GPS coordinates to image x,y position lt=lt-topL[0];lng=lng-topL[1]; lt = Math.round(lt/iHt*ht); lng = Math.round(lng/iWd*wt); return([lng,lt]); }"#map") // position the map .attr("top","100px") .attr("left","100px") .attr("position","absolute"); var svg ="#svg"); // draw a "scalable vector graphics" layer over the image svg.attr("height",ht) .attr("width",wt) .attr("top","100px") .attr("left","100px") .attr("position","absolute"); data = dataset.content; // this is the Mode data var tip = d3.tip().attr('class', 'd3-tip').html(function(d) { return d.descrip; });; // the above and this line initializes our "tooltip" mouseover var circles = svg.selectAll("circle") // this uses d3 (amazing) to draw our circles .data(data) .enter() .append("circle").on('mouseover', // insert the tooltip information .on('mouseout',tip.hide); circles.attr("cx", function(d) { // this positions and formats our circles cx = imgCoords(Number(d.latitude),Number(d.longitude))[0]; if (!isNaN(cx)) return(cx); // x position on image }) .attr("cy", function(d) { cy = imgCoords(Number(d.latitude),Number(d.longitude))[1]; if (!isNaN(cy)) return(cy); // y position on image }) .attr("r",5).attr("fill","#164F86") // radius and colors .attr("stroke","black"); </script>
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