Collaborative tools for analysts who fuel data-driven companies.

Mode is the best place for analytical work: write SQL, share ad-hoc analysis, and build powerful visualizations to help everyone make better decisions.

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Data-driven companies use Mode

Reduce repetitive requests for simple SQL queries

Write a SQL query in Mode, run it, and send a secure link. Your co-worker can re-run the results any time, with the click of a button.

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Visualize data in seconds

Use built-in charting tools to whip up interactive graphs that can be refreshed as new data comes in. You can also create your completely custom visuals using HTML, CSS, and javascript.


Mode is now the de facto way we share data at AnyPerk: the ease and security leads to more insights, shared more broadly. Mode is transforming entirely the way we approach data as a company.

Drew Dillon

Head of Product at AnyPerk

Empower others with self-serve analyses

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Add parameters to your query code—like time periods, user events, or customer ids—so non-technical co-workers can rerun analyses without touching code, downloading desktop tools, or requesting database access.

Find and reproduce past work quickly

Mode’s search tools help you find past projects—by report name, author, or even database table name. Because every project’s complete work history is stored together, you can recreate an analysis in minutes, not days.

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By making data more accessible, Mode empowers everyone at Fuze to make better decisions, and has freed up resources to tackle new types of questions.

Justin Berka

VP of Analytics at Fuze

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Build internal data tools without engineers

Use Mode to prototype and deliver internal tools without waiting for engineers to free up from product development cycles. Embed charts and graphs in internal webpages or wikis to give everyone one-click access to mission-critical metrics.

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Connect all your data sources

Get your entire team up and running on Mode in less than five minutes. Connect directly to any and all of your data sources with a secure, easy-to-install connector. Data lives in your data center and queries run on your servers.

More info about Data Sources and Security.

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